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2012.11.25 (15:56:29)



스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)를 존경하고 있던 사람뿐만 아니라, 그의 브랜드, 그의 Levi 's조차 싫어했던 사람도, 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 씨의 사후에 혁신의 기술이 약간 시들어 졌다고 생각하는 사람들이 많은데요.


스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 비즈니스에서는 고압적이고 오만하고 판단이 쉽게 바뀌는 변하기 쉬운 성격의 스타일과 동시에 영감이 넘치는 인물로 잘 알려져 있지만, 돈보다는 자신이 좋아서 하는 비즈니스 그리고 인생에 열중하고 있다 라는 이미지가 항상 있었습니다.


큐라(Quora)의 질문에 대한 답변으로 나타난 좋은 일화는 이러한 생각을 나타내는 것으로 유명 합니다..




어플라이드 디자인 그룹(Applied Design Group)의 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨가 올린 ”Here's A Charming Story About Steve Jobs Being A Regular Guy(보통사람 스티브 잡스의 매력적인 이야기)”가 미국 인터넷 주요매체 비즈니스 인사이더(Business Insider)에 실렸습니다.

팀 스미스(Tim Smith) 씨는 한 여자와 데이트하던 시절의 이야기를 전하고 있습니다. 그 여인의 아버지는 캘리포니아 팔로알토에서 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 가족이 살고 있는 집의 같은 거리에 살고 있었다고 합니다.


어느 날 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨가 운전하는 오래된 선빔 알파인(Sunbeam Alpine) 자동차가 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 씨의 자택 앞에서 시동이 걸리지 않는 고장이 났습니다.


스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 씨의 아내인 로렌(Laurene)씨가 자신의 집 앞 현장을 보고 도우려고 밖으로 나와 팀 스미스(Tim Smith) 씨에게 맥주를 건네주며 오래된 자동차 수리 전문가가 자신의 친구라며 그에게 연락을 해보겠다고 했습니다.




여기서 팀 스미스(Tim Smith) 씨는 다음과 같이 회상하며 글을 쓰고 있습니다. " 이곳 첨단산업의 현장 실리콘밸리에는 앨리트들만 사는 곳이 아니고 나 같은 어려운 상황에 처한 사람을 도와주는 사람도 있구나 라는 것을 알게 되었다.. 잠시 후 그 "자동차 전문가"는 검정색 고급 대형 승용차를 타고 나타났습니다. 그들은 턱시도를 입고 있었으며 어딘가 화려한 장소로 향하는 도중이었다 라는 것은 아무튼 분명했습니다. 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 자동차 엔진의 시동을 걸려고 연신 노력을 하였지만 선빔 알파인(Sunbeam Alpine)은 그대로 였습니다. 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 그 차를 "낡은 기계"라고 했나? 아마 그런 말을 한 것 같습니다. 그리고 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨는 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)의 집으로 들어가게 되었습니다. 그는 그 때 어느 가정에서와 마찬가지로 옷가지가 어수선한 보통의 가정이라고 생각 했습니다. 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨는 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)와 그의 아내, 그리고 그의 친구가 모르는 자신을 도와 주려고 해 준 것에 대해 아직도 여전히 놀라고 있습니다.




스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 미디어를 창조하고 싶은 비즈니스 중독의 디자인 독재자! 그럴지도 모르지만, 항상 그런 것은 아니라고 생각합니다. 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 가족과 그의 친구는 보통의 좋은 사람들이었다고 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨는 회고하며 쓰고 있습니다.


어쩌면 이 표현에서 가장 중요한 부분은 "좋은"이라는 표현보다 "보통"이라는 단어에 있을지도 모르겠습니다.


스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)가 추구한 것은 단순히 그가 혁신의 실현된 제품에 의해서가 아니라, 자신의 인간성에 양면의 현실이 있었기 때문입니다. 어떻게 그가 최고의 훌륭한 세일즈맨이 될 수 있었다 해도 말입니다.


스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 늦은 밤에 고객에게 이메일을 보내거나 뭔가에 대해 의사소통을 하는 일이 많았습니다. 그러나 다른 한편으로, 그는 정장을 입은 틀에 박힌 보수적인 인간, , 애플 주식의 이윤과 보상 마스티쿠에 건립된 매혹적인 저택을 위해 노력하는 기업가로서의 면모도 있습니다.

스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs)는 현실적이고 인간적인, 그리고 본질적으로 재미있는 인생을 살고 싶어 하였습니다. 그리고 아주 많은 일화는 스티브 잡스(Steve Jobs) 자신의 단점과 장점 모두를 포함하여 전해지고 있습니다.

보통의 이야기 입니다만 혁신의 아이콘 스티브 잡스의 일화라 의미심장한 것 같습니다.


다음은 어플라이드 디자인 그룹(Applied Design Group)의 팀 스미스(Tim Smith)씨가 올린 ”Here's A Charming Story About Steve Jobs Being A Regular Guy(보통사람 스티브 잡스의 매력적인 이야기)”라는 글이 미국 인터넷 주요매체 비즈니스 인사이더(Business Insider)에 실린 전문 입니다.




I dated for years a young woman whose father was Steve Jobs' neighbor in Palo Alto. I thus found myself in the neighborhood often, at dinners, or parties, etc. We would see the Jobs come and go – they have a “normal” house, no gates, no guards, no high fences, not even a big lot. Often, leaving a party at my girlfriend’s house late at night I would drive past their house and you would actually see Steve sometimes, working on a Mac.


One afternoon I attended a party, driving an old Sunbeam Alpine sports car I had the misfortune to own at the time After the party, I started the Alpine, pulled away from the curb, and – as classic British sports cars will oft do – the electrical system blinked out and I coasted gracefully to a stop, directly in front of the Jobs’ driveway.


Their cars weren’t there, which was a relief to me, because I was sure they would consider me some weird stalker. So I got out, popped the hood and tried to quick-fix the electrical to at least move further away – and call AAA.


Within about 15 minutes, of course, I heard two cars pull in behind me, and into the Jobs’ driveway – the Jobs were home. I huddled under the hood of the Alpine and hoped they wouldn’t notice – although I was the only other car on the street. They went inside, with kids, thankfully, without saying anything. So I closed the hood and prepared to walk back next door to my girlfriend’s parents house to call AAA.


As I was putting my jacket on, I heard a call from across the street behind me – the Jobs’ driveway – “British or Italian?”. It was Jobs’ lovely wife Laurene. “British,” I said, “and acting like it.” “You want a beer?,” she said. I tried to decline (shocked I guess at first), but she insisted, said “you’re not going anywhere”, and walked back in the house – only to return with two bottles of beer.


I was determined not to let on that I knew exactly who I was talking to – I was so afraid of being cast a stalker – but the scene was already getting weird for me, standing by my broken car having a beer with Steve Job’s wife. So it got weirder.




You know, we have a friend who knows all about these Sunbeams. We should call him.”


I begged her not to, that I’d call AAA and be on my way. She left her beer and went back in the house for a minute, only to return saying, “they’re on their way out, but said they would drop by to take a look.”


By this point I am fully resigned to whatever story is going to play out. It was starting to dawn on me that these were not just Silicon Valley elite – they were real people, just helping a poor guy out. It was just unexpected, given what you might think about people like this: it would have been so easy for them to just ignore me. Or call the police.


Within about 15 minutes a very long, very black car I won’t identify pulled up and – Felini could not have directed this – a handsome gentleman in (I think) a tuxedo, and a beautifully formally dressed wife emerged, to examine my car. This was Laurene’s friend, the Sunbeam mechanic.


I protested, all was ignored. The tuxedoed man (who to this day I have no idea who he was – I’ll call him James Bond) took off his jacket, opened the hood of my car, and commenced to fishing around inside, while we all visited amicably.


So Steve comes out.


At which point – being an admirer of Jobs for many years – I guess I knew was inevitable, and I both dreaded and anticipated it. He ambled over. I think he had a beer too. And asked what was going on. He was joined by one of the kids.


The Jobs’ made small talk and joked with their friends – dressed to the nines, repairing my car – while I politely thanked them over and over and tried not to throw up at the insanity of the scene. And then of course it got even weirder, or funnier, depending on whether you were me or not.


James Bond told someone to try to crank the car. I was talking with Laurene, so Jobs actually sits down in the Alpine and tries to crank it – with his kid sitting behind him. To no avail.


So I have to stop here – it’s a Kodak moment – something you want to remember. It’s a beautiful Fall evening in Palo Alto. Your car’s broken. A formally dressed close friend of Steve Jobs is under the hood working on your engine. You are talking with Steves absolutely lovely and down to earth wife. Steve is in the car, with his kid, trying to crank it.


That’s the moment. You don’t often get close to people like the Jobs, much less in a ridiculous situation like this, where you realize that they are just really good people. They’re normal, funny, charitable, real people. Not the people the press talks about. Steve is not the maniacal business and design despot the media loves to portray – well he is, but not always. These were real, nice, people.


But still Steve Jobs. The car didn’t start. James Bond got his tuxedo back together, apologized to me (!) for not being able to fix it. Said it was the electrical (of course). They said their goodbyes and departed in their giant silent black car. Steve said something like “piece of shit” as he got out, and walked back into the house. Classic Steve – he was right.


Laurene said “come inside and use the phone”. Still rolling with it at this point, I followed her into the house, stepping over the dirty laundry you find in everyone’s real house and into the kitchen where she pointed me to a phone with god knows how many lines on it. I called AAA, thanked Laurene profusely (for the 50th time) and left quietly. I never acknowledged I had any idea who they were.


A week later, I dropped a six pack of beer off at the Jobs’ door, with a note saying thanks. Like anyone would have done I guess.


I’m an Apple follower. I own a fair amount of Apple stock. You can’t avoid the public persona and reputation of Steve Jobs – the media stories. But, as with the other vignettes some have posted, we don’t hear about or appreciate the personal side of Jobs and his family. They deserve their privacy, and it must be hard to maintain I’m sure, but the flip side of that is that most never see how frankly normal they are. I purchased the bio that came out last Fall but have not started it. I hope that, on balance, it is as much about what a decent, probably brilliant, real, caring individual Steve Jobs is: a husband, father, neighbor – and CEO. Tortured probably, in his brilliance. I saw him in his most personal element – family and friends – around a broken down car in Palo Alto one night, just by chance. I was lucky – and I was delighted.


It’s one of my fondest memories.




보통사람 스티브 잡스의 매력적인 이야기 - Here's A Charming Story About Steve Jobs Being A Regular Guy

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