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2019.03.03 (07:08:23)

안드로이드 어드벤처 게임어플 [Insexual Awakening] 인섹슈얼 어웨이크닝 업데이트 버전 입니다. (18+)

정식 버전 입니다.

무의식적인 각성.

경고를 두려워하지 않는 플레이어를 위한 컨텐츠뿐만 아니라 선택의 시스템, 만화 같은 성격의 비주얼 주인공은 방금 가족과 함께 다른 도시로 이사했습니다.




주변, 새로운 장소, 만날 사람.

그러나 젊은 숙녀들은 젊은이가 매우 흥미를 느끼고 주의를 끌기를 원합니다.




그리고 게이머를 위한 모든 것은 이제 막 시작되었습니다.




A visual novel with a system of choice, a cartoon-like panache, as well as content only for players who are not afraid of the warning.




The main character has just moved to another city with his family.

Around it, new locations, as well as people with whom to meet.




But the young ladies are very intrigued by the young man and want to attract his attention.

And here for gamers everything is just beginning.


55.jpg 66.jpg 77.jpg


Can you remember your favourite book? What was it that you loved so much about it? It might have been the gripping plot, the amazing characters, the incredible atmosphere...




When we read a book, we picture everything taking place in colourful images. Sometimes illustrations help to get our imagination going. We enjoy looking at them, but sometimes this is simply not enough. After all, an illustration in a book is no more than a keyhole that we can peek through in order to catch a glimpse of the imaginary world created by the author.




But have you ever wanted to look further through the keyhole and open that secret door? We bet you have... wouldn’t it be interesting to find yourself standing right next to your clubvaio favourite character, and to be able to explore their world? To touch all the objects in the room, and have a good look at them?



When we created SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure, we threw open the doors to the world of Victorian England, and we are delighted to be able to invite you in with us. We have lovingly recreated the interiors and street scenes of nineteenth-century London.



We have created the perfect combination of a classic book, an audio book, a film, a historical study, and an illustrated encyclopaedia, incorporating elements of gameplay.


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[인섹슈얼 어웨이크닝] Insexual Awakening v0.0050 Alpha APK

웹 하드의 특성 상 구글 크롬 브라우저 사용을 권장 합니다. (Web recommend Google Chrome web browser on the characteristics of hard use.)

File Name: Insexual Awakening v0-0050 alpha.apk
94.5 MB


클럽바이오의 게시물은 크리에이티브 커먼즈 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 2.0 대한민국 라이선스에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.

이 자료의 제목은 "무의식적인각성 (InsexualAwakening) v0.0050 Alpha"이며,
자료제공은 miku님 입니다. 소중한 자료를 포스팅하여주신 클럽바이오[miku]골드회원님께 감사드립니다.

2019.03.11 (07:07:39)
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File Name: Insexual Awakening v0-0051.apk
93.5 MB