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안드로이드 어드벤처 게임어플 [Second happiness] 세컨드 해피니스 업데이트 버전 입니다. (18+)

정식 버전 입니다.

형아 민증 내밀지 말고 애들은 제발 가라~




두 번째 행복.

3DCG- 그래픽과 대화식 비주얼 노벨, 어른을 위한 콘텐츠가 포함된 애니메이션 삽입물, 얽힌 스토리 라인 및 높은 비선형 성을 제공합니다.

따라서 한 번에 또는 다른 결정을 내린 결정에 따라 게임을 자체 재량으로 플레이 할 수 있습니다.




, 18+ 카테고리의 모든 영화의 정신에 관한 이야기는 딸기 팬을 기쁘게 합니다.

Interactive visual novel with 3DCG-graphics, animated inserts containing content for an adult audience, a tangled storyline and a high degree of nonlinearity.




That allows you to play the game at its own discretion, depending on the decisions made at one time or another.

Well, the story in the spirit of any film in the category of 18+ will delight all fans of strawberries.




Fountains were originally devised for functional reasons. They provide water to peple.




The oldest surviving remains of a fountain are from the ancient Sumerians in modern-day Iraq circa 2000 B.C. Water was collected in a large stone plate. As the water was delivered using gravity, a reservoir had to be in a higher position than the fountain.




Ancient Romans also developed fountains. Water from far away was diverted via aqueducts and was used for irrigation and daily use.



It also used gravity, but the technique of bringing water from far away became more sophisticated. Roman fountains also had aesthetic values, with sculptures of various animal heads that spout water from their mouths.




In the 19th century, the purpose of fountains became decorative. Waterworks and plumbing hid the function of the water supply inside the buildings. As pumps replaced gravity, fountains became a place for people to cool off and rest. The function of fountains changed, but the effect of enhancing people’s happiness remained the same.



The oldest fraction was first confirmed in a mathematical document from ancient Egypt. In 1858, Scottish antiquarian Alexander Henry Rind purchased the papyrus in Luxor, Egypt. It was a mathematical transcription on arithmetic, algebra and geometry by ancient Egyptian scribe Ahmed around 1700 B.C. It is in the British Museum today. It is called the Rind Mathematical Papyrus, clubvaio or Ahmed Papyrus.



The discovery of a fraction, which is smaller than one, dramatically improved measuring and calculation capacity of the humanity. It made possible the distribution of limited resources to multiple people and recording amounts.




As the production capability of mankind increased, distribution came to have political and social significance. Humanity repeated wars, revolutions and rebellions over that have the right to divide and how to divide.



Both fountains and fractions were devised and developed for the happiness of mankind. Increased happiness means progress while decreased happiness means retrogression. The same applies to the role of journalists. Fortunately, I had the chance to write a piece for the “Fountain” section of the Jogging Ibo five times.




The first “Fountain” on the second page of the inaugural issue of the Jogging Ibo on Sept. 22, 1965, ends with the following quote: “Here we created a humble and small fountain for the people who wish for a place for conversation and rest. Just like the lively fountain that never rests, we want to defy stagnation and decay.”




[세컨드 해피니스] Second happiness v2.2 APK 용량주의

웹 하드의 특성 상 구글 크롬 브라우저 사용을 권장 합니다. (Web recommend Google Chrome web browser on the characteristics of hard use.)

Second happiness v2.2.apk - 1.25 GB


클럽바이오의 게시물은 크리에이티브 커먼즈 저작자표시-비영리-변경금지 2.0 대한민국 라이선스에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.

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